Aquifer Characterization
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Roger N Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA) Specializing in groundwater and environmental professional services in the Portland, Oregon area.

Roger N. Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA)
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Aquifer Characterization

Aquifer Characterization

RNSA has conducted long term aquifer tests in the Troutdale Gravel Aquifer in the Portland WelAquifer Characterizationlfield, at Madigan Hospital in the Vashon Gravels, in the Pleistocene Outwash Deposits of the Willamette Valley and multiple slug tests for the Union Carbide cleanup in N. Portland. All low temperature geothermal systems completed by RNSA required pump tests for both the production and injection wells.

Categories of expertise include the following:

  • Aquifer Test Design
    • Local and regional assessments, private and public
    • 30+ years experience in Oregon
    • Hydrogeologic interpretation of stratigraphy
    • Production and monitoring well installation management

  • Aquifer Characterization
    • Aquifer pump tests and data evaluation
    • Monitoring well network design
    • Licensed monitoring well installer
    • Production well installation management

Roger N Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA)
2424 SE Caruthers St, Portland, OR 97214
Office: (503) 241-5444 Fax: (503) 241-1441

Specializing in Groundwater & Environmental
Professional Services in Portland, Oregon

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