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Roger N Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA) Specializing in groundwater and environmental professional services in the Portland, Oregon area.

Roger N. Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA)
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Construction Industry

Environmental Construction Industry

RNSA has assisted the industry with developing and maintaining permits. Also, we have been responsible for developing Health and Safety programs as well as managing environmental conditions discovered once a project is started. RNSA has experience in the following categories:

  • Industry plans and permits
    • 1200-C National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits; includes developing an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (17 projects completed across Oregon)
    • 1200-Z NPDES stormwater runoff permits (includes developing a Stormwater Pollution Control Plan)
    • Health and safety plans for tanks or pollution discovered during excavations
    • Manifest development for disposal and management of impacted soil or groundwater
    • Discharge permits; dewatering treatment and disposal plan
    • Environmental reviews for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) projects following National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) laws (66 projects throughout Oregon completed)

  • Other industry-related services
    • Limited Water Use License (LWUL) for temporary construction use
      of groundwater
    • Underground Injection Control (UIC) for stormwater discharge
    • Health and Safety monitoring or sampling program design


Roger N Smith Associates, Inc. (RNSA)
2424 SE Caruthers St, Portland, OR 97214
Office: (503) 241-5444 Fax: (503) 241-1441

Specializing in Groundwater & Environmental
Professional Services in Portland, Oregon

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